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Chiropractor helps to improve golf swing

November 14, 2014

Back pain and golf performance has a connection. And chiropractor stands as the solution for back pain relief and also to improve golf swing.

It’s no wonder that golfers suffer a lot of back pain. In golf backswing, the spine is twisted really far in one direction; then, within just a second, the golfer’s back suddenly change direction! This is an asymmetric, ballistic movement. Studies have revealed that chiropractic adjustment can improve golf swing and can also offer back pain relief. Further, the adjustment can correct improper muscle firing patterns established from previous injuries. This result in more accuracy, increased muscle efficiency, greater power, and ultimately better performance.

As Tiger Woods quite rightly puts it – “Golfers who consistently get it up and down around the green have two things in common: great technique and good posture.” (Golf Digest, February 2001). Case studies and research thus proves that chiropractor plays a role to improve your swing patterns while helping you to have a much better back health.

Chiropractic is making waves in the sporting world these days with many a top flight athlete seeking the services of chiropractors world over. The testimonials are abundant, and the results definitely speak for themselves.

Athletes suffer from injuries. The injuries come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from repetitive strain or overuse injuries to chronic muscle problems, to acute ligament tears and even concussions. Chiropractor is on the pole position to treat most injuries as our training is centered on the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. This enables us to accurately diagnose the problem and to treat the injury efficiently in order to allow for a speedy recovery and return to training and competition. We are also able to prescribe rehabilitative exercises to prevent recurrence of the injury.

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